Accelafuze 3-1

AccelaFuze™ peptide infusion treatments offer your patients better results and your clinic higher profits.

AccelaFuze™ peptide infusion treatmentsstimulate the body’s own cellular repair system to produce new skin cells, collagen and elastin, reducing the signs of aging caused by photo-damaged skin.

The result?

Better results for your patients and faster, easier and more profitable treatments for you.

Bio-Barrier™ disposable tip cap design eliminates concerns of viral or bacterial cross-contamination

Programmed menus provide optimal control of the peel depth for a gentle exfoliation or a deep medical grade peel customized to the skin being treated

Infusion of Medical Grade Topicals

  • Deep Cleansing with a glycolic based toner
  • Exfoliation with a 10% Lactic Acid peel
  • Skin Lightening with a Kojic Acid base
  • Moisturizing with powerful botanical antioxidiants
  • Collagen regeneration and wrinkle reduction with growth factor stimulating peptides

LED Light therapy featuring the CoolBreeze™ Wand

Blue light for Acne treatments

Yellow light for collagen stimulation

Red light for reduction of inflammation, restoration of uniform pigmentation and pain reduction

CoolBreeze™ light wands cool and soothe the skin with gentle airflow during treatment.