Acne Scars

What is a Scar? 

Scar is a collection of new connective tissue. In the skin scar implies damage to both epidermal and dermal layers. If there is more deposition of connective tissue(collagen), the scar is known as hypertrophic scar. 

These scars are initially red, raised, firm, and, at times, itchy and painful. If the skin heals with the least amount of collagen, this is known as atrophic scar. Atrophic scars are shiny and papery thin to the touch.

Treatments options for acne scar patients are:

- Nd: YAG laser systems
- Fractora™ Skin ReSurfacing
- Syneron® eMax IPL
- Radiesse ® (ALT0174)
- Restylane ® (ALT0174)
- Perlane
- Juvéderm ® (ALT0174)
- Teosyal ® (ALT0174)
- Chemical Peels
- Fat Grafting
- Stealthlift
- Intense Pulsed Light
- FotoFacial / PhotoFacial
- Fractionated Laser Treatments
- Chemical Peel Treatments
- Skin TX Home Skin Acne Correcting System
- Levulan Treatment
- Blue Light Treatment
- Fractional eMatrix Treatments
- Fractora™ Skin ReSurfacing
- Nd:YAG laser systemsSyneron® eMax IPL
- Microdermabrasion


The complete facial treatment series combining Fractora Resurfacing and Fractora Firm in a single session. Combine the best of tunable RF factional ablation with collagen remodeling to address all in demand facial concerns.

- Skin Laxity
- Uneven Pigmentation
- Acne Scarring
- Dyschromia
- Dull Skin Tone
- Wrinkles
- Vascular Lesions
- Uneven Skin Texture
- Skin Rejuvenation

Treatments options available for Acne Patients are:

- Omnilux blue and red light therapy
- Factora Fractional Resurfacing
- Chemical Peels Treatments
- Cutera Laser Genesis
- Accelafuze Microdermabrasion
- Infusion & Light combination treatment
- Appropriate antibiotic cream or gel for Acne Treatment:
- Obagi Acne care line
- Skinceutical & PCA Acne care line
- Jan Marini Acne care line