Laser Cap Hair Restoration

LaserCap® Device for The Most Powerful At-Home Laser Hair Therapy

As approximately 70% of all men and 30% of women are suffering from hair loss every day, innovative products have been released in the marketplace, like the LaserCap® At-Home Laser Therapy Unit to slow the progression of hair loss. 

It has gained tremendous popularity with people who hope to slow or stop hair loss effectively using the best technology with the highest rate of effectiveness.

If you are tired of trying ineffective products on your scalp with disappointing results, then laser light therapy with the LaserCap® is an excellent option. 

Over 80% of clients stop or significantly slow down their hair loss, while over 50% thicken existing hair and improve the health and quality of it.

Benefits of LaserCap® for Hair Loss

  • LaserCap® is clinically proven safe and effective
  • Believed to be the most effective and convenient at-home laser device on the market
  • Featured on ABC’s ‘The View
  • More costly than other units, but the best on the market and will last for years
  • Consists of 224 low-level true lasers for both maximum efficacy and scalp coverage
  • Rechargeable battery pack, providing increased mobility during sessions
  • Can be worn in the comfort of your own home, or can be concealed under a hat or scarf and worn outdoors while doing daily activities
  • Light, comfortable, and easy to use
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty


Why LaserCap®

LaserCap® is recommended most by physicians and doctors as it is thought to provide the best overall results with the most strength from its 224 powerful true laser diodes. 

Many people with normal to small heads select the LaserCap®, but LaserCap® XL size is ideal for men (or women) with a larger head and scalp (circumference over 24 inches) to successfully get full coverage.